Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 Courses

Graduate Courses: Fall 2016 & Spring 2017

 Undergraduate Courses: Fall 2016 (Only) 


AFAM 160a/AFST 184a/AMST 160a/HIST 184a / The Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery
AFAM 241a/AFST 262a/MUSI 262a / Traditional and Contemporary Musics
of Sub-Saharan Africa 


AFAM 008a/AFST 008a/HSAR 009 / Aesthetics and Meaning in African Arts and Culture
AFAM 204a / The Radical Aesthetic of Hip Hop 
AFAM 225a/AMST 338a/THST 304a / Blackface Minstrelsy and
the Politics of Power 
AFAM 232a / ENGL 233a / Construction of Whiteness
AFAM 255a/HIST 139Ja / The American South, 1870 to the Present 
AFAM 336a/AMST 336a/ER&M 315a / Haitian and Dominican Literature and Culture  
AFAM 340a/AMST 303a/ER&M 320a/LITR 332a / Narratives of Blackness
in Latino and Latin America 
AFAM 353a/HSAR 472a / Black British Art and Culture  
AFAM 379a/a/FREN 410a/LITR 299a / Colonial Narrative, Postcolonial Counternarrative  
AFAM 385a/ER&M 375a / Plantation, Prison, and Ghetto in the United States   
AFAM 386a/ AMST 321a / ENGL 285a /HUMS 456a / James Baldwin’s American Scene



 AFAM 195a/PLSC 424a/SAST 440a / Gandhi, King and the Politics of Nonviolence 
AFAM 196a/AMST 196a/ER&M 226a/EVST 196a / Race, Class and Gender
in American Cities 


AFAM 205a/ANTH 206a / Africana Critical Theory and the Social Sciences 
AFAM 268a/PLSC 245a / Urban Politics and Policy 
AFAM 276a / PLSC 222a / Race and the Politics of Punishment
AFAM 301a/PHIL 325a/PLSC 334a / The Making of Black Lives Matter 
AFAM 399a/AMST 341a/ER&M 407a / Race and Capitalism   
AFAM 390a/ER&M 419a/SOCY 319a / Ethnography of the African American Community  
AFAM 471a / Independent Study: African American Studies  
AFAM 480a / Senior Colloquium: African American Studies   

Note: AFAM 491a or b, The Senior Essay, will be offered in spring 2017)

 Check Online Course Information (OCI) for the most current status of
course meeting dates and times.

For more information contact Jodie Stewart-Moore, Registrar,
Department of African American Studies