Transfer Procedure to AFAM Combined PhD Program

Requirements for Graduate Students to Transfer into the AFAM Combined PhD program

A student currently enrolled in one of the departments or programs participating in the combined PhD in AFAM Studies* who desires to transfer into the combined PhD program may do so after:

i. The student provides the DGS of AFAM Studies with a written statement of interest detailing the reasons for the transfer;

ii. The student provides the DGS with a letter of support from an AFAM faculty member agreeing to serve as the student’s advisor;

iii. A vote by AFAM’s faculty approving the transfer with such vote held at a department meeting not before the spring semester of the student’s first year as a graduate student at Yale.

*Departments and programs which currently offer a combined Ph.D. with African American Studies are: American Studies, Anthropology, English, Film and Media Studies, French, History, History of Art, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Spanish and Portuguese.