Aldon Nielsen: “Choruses: For Gil Scott Heron”

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Aldon L. Nielsen
The George and Barbara Kelly Professor of American Literature at The Pennsylvania State University
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 11:45am
Dept. of African American Studies, Gordon Parks Room See map
81 Wall St., Room 201
New Haven

Aldon Lynn Nielsen’s books of criticism include Reading the Race, Writing Between the Lines; C.L.R. James: A Critical Introduction; Black Chant; and Integral Music: Languages of African American Innovation. Among the awards he has received for his critical work are the SAMLA Studies Prize, the Kayden Award, a Gustavus Myers citation, and the Josephine Miles Award.  His collections of poetry include Heat Strings, Evauation Routes, Stepping Razor, Vext, Mixage, Mantic Semantic and, just released by Steerage Press, A Brand New Beggar.  Nielsen’s work has appeared in Best American Poems and other anthologies, and his poetry has won Gertrude Stein Awards as well as the Larry Neal Award. Nielsen’s edition of Lorenzo Thomas’s posthumous critical book, Don’t Deny My Name, was presented an American Book Award.  With Lauri Ramey, he is the editor of the anthologies Every Goodbye Ain’t Gone and What I Say.

Dept. of African American Studies