Chicago Footwork: Music and Dance on Film by Glasspiegel

Speaker name: 
Wills Glasspiegel, PhD Student, African American Studies / American Studies
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 4:00am
Beinecke Library, Rm 39 See map
121 Wall St

The Digital Lab presents: documentarian Wills Glasspiegel, PhD student in African-American Studies and American Studies, screening a series of his short films focused on footwork, a style of black electronic music and dance from Chicago. Wills began documenting footwork in 2011 as a producer for NPR’S All Things Considered.

Wills graduated from NYU with an MA in Media, Culture, and Communication (2012) and from Yale with a BA in English (2005). He recently directed Icy Lake, a short documentary about the vogue house song “Icy Lake.” Wills’ past work has focused on Sierra Leone’s bubu music and South Africa’s Shangaan electro. Now studying at Yale, Wills concentrates on footwork from Chicago, his hometown. Links to his work:

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