Christopher LeBron: “The Philosophy of Racial Justice: Urgency, Imagination, and Method”

Speaker name: 
Christopher LeBron
Research Fellow in Political Science, Yale University
Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 11:45am
Dept. of African American Studies, Gordon Parks Room See map
81 Wall St., Room 201
New Haven

Chris Lebron is a Research Fellow in Political Science at Yale. He is the author of The Color of Our Shame: Race and Justice In Our Time, forthcoming from Oxford University Press and “The Agony Of A Racial Democracy”, a contribution to Theory & Event’s symposium on the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Chris received his PhD in Political Science from MIT. His new book, From A Human Point of View: An Articulate Account of Racial Egalitarianism extends the themes of racial justice and social value explored in The Color Of Our Shame.

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