Rugemer, History and African American Studies, awarded tenure at Yale

Ed Rugemer
February 23, 2017

Ed Rugemer has been promoted to Associate Professor of History and African American Studies with tenure at Yale. He was formerly associate professor of History and African American Studies without tenure. Rugemer teaches courses on race, politics, and abolitionism in the antebellum United States.  His first book, The Problem of Emancipation: The Caribbean Roots of the American Civil War (Louisiana State University Press, 2008) won the 2009 Organization of American Historians Avery Craven award for best book on the Civil War Era. He is currently working on The Politics of Atlantic Slavery: Jamaica and South Carolina, 1661-1838, which is under contract with Harvard University Press.

His university service includes appointments as director of undergraduate studies in African American Studies, and membership on dissertation and curriculum committees in African American Studies and History.   Rugemer directs the working group, Race and Slavery in the Atlantic World to 1900, an initiative he spearheaded in 2015 to explore slavery and related subjects in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe.