Ever Esther Osorio Ruiz

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M.A., Communication and Culture, Universidad Iberoamericana
Research Interests: 
Areas of interest: Resistance, political subjectivities, sovereignty, globalization, affect theory, ethnography, critical theory and post-structuralism, psychoanalysis, the colonial present, critical race theory, biopolitics and women, gender and sexuality.


Ever Osorio is pursuing a joint degree in American and African American Studies. She graduated from the New School for Social Research in 2017 with an MA in Politics. She also holds an MA in Communication and Culture from Universidad Iberoamericana. Ever’s past research has focused on the biopolitics of migration and the affective politics of disposability in Latin America and the United States. 

Her academic work has received the support of CONACyT (2012-2014), the Mexican Diplomatic Cultural Heritage Fellowship (2014), NSSR Dean’s Merit Scholarship (2015-2017). Her creative non-fiction writing appears in Gatopardo Magazine and Ibero909 FM.