Cultures In Babylon: Black Britain and African America

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For a decade and a half, since she first appeared in the Birmingham Centre’s collective volume The Empire Strikes Back, Hazel Carby has been on the frontline of the debate over multiculturalism in Britain and America. This book brings together her most important and influential essays on the subject, ranging over such topics as the construciton of literary canons, Zora Neale Hurston’s portraits of “the Folk”, C.L.R. James and Trinidadian nationalism, black women blues artisits, and the necessity for racially diverse school curricula.

Carby’s analyses of diverse aspects of contemporary culture are invariably sharp and provcative, her political insights shrewd and often against the grain. A powerful intervention, Cultures in Babylon will become a standard reference point in future debates over race, ethnicity and gender.

Source:  Verso Books

Verso | August 1999 | ISBN: 978-1859842812 | PB 280 pages

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