Micah Khater

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B.A., History and French, summa cum laude, North Carolina State University, 2015
Micah Khater is a Ph.D. candidate in the joint program in History and African American Studies. Her dissertation, “‘Unable to Find Any Trace of Her’: Black Women, Genealogies of Escape, and Alabama Prisons, 1920 – 1950,” considers how black women’s attempted escape from Alabama prisons, jails, and police built upon intergenerational understandings of fugitivity, wrought during enslavement. Her research examines the significance of limited mobility and episodic truancy in the broader context of the Great Migration. Khater’s work aims to bridge studies of slavery and critical carceral histories by centering memory as a point of connectivity. 
In addition to scholarship, Khater is a creative writer. Her poetry and prose examine diasporic experience, colonialism in the Arab World, and the Lebanese Civil War. 
Research Interests: 
19th and 20th Century African American History; Southern History; Carceral Studies; Black Feminist Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Cultural History