Thuto Thipe

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B.A., Macalester College; MSocSci., University of Cape Town
Research Interests: 
19th and 20th century African History; Global Print Culture; Comparative Race Studies; Gender and Sexualities Studies

Thuto Thipe is a doctoral student of 19th and 20th century African history. Her research examines processes of racial, class, and gender formation in Johannesburg, South Africa, with attention to the ways that the movement of people, texts, and ideas around the world shaped these processes.   
Thipe holds a BA in History, Political Science, and Women Gender and Sexualities Studies from Macalester College and an MSocSci in Gender Studies from the University of Cape Town. Before attending Yale, she worked for several years as a researcher in the University of Cape Town’s the Law Faculty. Thuto has also taught history and gender studies at university and other levels.

Please be in touch if you have questions about studying at Yale.

Selected Publications
Thipe, T. de Souza, M and Luwaya, N. (2015/2016). “‘The Advert Was Put Up Yesterday’: Public 
Governance Framework Act.” Harvard Human Rights Journal, Online Symposium.
and its implications”. South African Journal of Human Rights. 30(1): 196- 205.