Welcome to the Department of African American Studies at Yale. The African American Studies Department examines, from numerous disciplinary perspectives, the experiences of people of African descent in Black Atlantic societies, including the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. More

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     “A History of African American Studies at Yale”:                  GLC: “Voices from the Archive”  
“The Lower Frequencies” Podcast, NIcholas Forster            Podcast with Connor Williams 


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 Crystal Feimster   Elijah Anderson                    Thomas Allen Harris

 Crystal Feimster     Elijah Anderson                    Simone A. Browne        Thomas Allen Harris

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Kobena Mercer
Kobena Mercer
aimee m cox
Glenda Gilmore

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Publications by African American Studies Faculty Members

The Grandeur of Great Protest Music, ” Prof. Daphne Brooks, quoted, The Atlantic 

“Declaration of Independence and Defining Equality,” Prof. David Blight, panelist, American Antiquarian Society
“’The Right to Laugh’: Remembering Jeffrey B. Ferguson,” by Prof. David Blight,  Black Perspectives
Art History Experts Explain the Meaning of the Art in Beyoncé and Jay Z’s ‘Apesh-t’ Video,” Alexandra Thomas ‘24, contributor, Time
“Ida B. Wells and the Lynching of Black Women,Prof. Crystal Feimster, NY Times

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