Accolades for Hazel Carby’s achievement in literary and cultural studies

Photo of Hazel Carby

Speaking of the influence that Hazel Carby has had in the literary field, Jacqueline Goldsby African American Studies Department Acting Chair, says “two critical approaches that inform Hazel’s work — cultural and diaspora studies — have been key to effecting the ‘transnational turn’ in American literary scholarship not simply because she deploys them so deftly across the range of her essays and books, but because they are central principles of her teaching.”  Goldsby continues, “Take a look at the roster of scholars she’s taught here at Yale and the impact that their dissertations and subsequent books have had on the field; it’s inspiring to realize how central the classroom has been to Hazel’s influence on U.S. literary studies’ development over the last 30 years.”

Read the entire feature: “Hazel Carby is recognized with prestigious award for her scholarship in American literary studies,” at YaleNews:

Monday, October 6, 2014