A Brief and Tentative Analysis of Negro Leadership

A Brief and Tentative Analysis of Negro Leadership provides key insight into
black leadership at the dawn of the modern civil rights movement. Originally prepared for the Carnegie Foundation study, An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy, Bunche’s research on the topic was completed in 1940. This never-before-published work now includes an extended scholarly introduction as well as contextual comments throughout by Jonathan Scott Holloway. Despite the fact that Malcolm X called Bunche a “black man who didn’t know his history,” Bunche never wavered from his faith that integrationist politics paved the way for racial progress. This new volume forces a reconsideration of Bunche’s legacy as a reformer and the historical meaning of his early involvement in the civil rights movement.

Edited by Jonathan Holloway

New York University Press | February 2005 | ISBN: 9780814736647 | Hb., 247 pages

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