Bianca Dang

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B.A., History, conferred with Departmental Honors and Distinction, Stanford University, 2013
Bianca Dang is a Ph.D. candidate in African American Studies and History. Her dissertation examines the connections formed between Haitians and African Americans during the nineteenth century with a focus on migration and land claims. Centering gender as a lens of analysis, her work explores the formation of the Haitian rural citizenry in the mid-nineteenth century and highlights the relationship between African American emigration movements to Haiti in the 1820s and 1860s and Haitian domestic politics. Bianca’s research emphasizes how rural Haitians’ visions of autonomy and liberation shaped postcolonial and postemancipation societies in the Americas and explores how black women, in the United States and in Haiti, envisioned the role landholding should play in their futures and its meaning for their freedom.
Research Interests: 
Haitian Studies, 19th-Century African American History, Caribbean History, African Diaspora Studies, Black Feminist Thought, Gender Studies, Migration Studies