Demar F. Lewis IV

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Prisoner Reentry; Inequality; Racial Politics; Urban Sociology; Sociology of Law
B.A., International Business, cum laude (University of St. Thomas) M.P.P., Public Policy (University of Michigan)


Demar F. Lewis IV is a joint PhD student in the Departments of Sociology and African American Studies at Yale University. His research interests exist at the nexus of prisoner reentry, inequality, race/ethnicity, urban sociology, and the sociology of law. Demar is generally interested in exploring how the presence of framing agents and framing institutions in the carceral state shape prisoner reentry outcomes.

Demar intends to evaluate if pretrial detention consequentially influence recidivism rates and long-term prisoner reentry outcomes in states that are undergoing major criminal justice reforms. He is also interested in conducting an ethnographic study of CT jails and neighborhoods with the highest rates of custodial arrests. Additionally, Demar wants to understand how communities are responding to traumas associated with the erection of lynching monuments in American cities.