Gabrielle Hill

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Black Feminist Theory; 19th Century to 21st Century African American Poetry; Speculative Fiction; Eco-Criticism; Eco-Poetics
B.A. Cornell University in Africana Studies (Summa Cum Laude) and Environment & Sustainability; Minor in English

Gabrielle Hill (she/her) is a doctoral student in the joint degree program in the Department of African American Studies and the Department of English. Hill’s research sits at the intersection of Black feminist theory and ecocriticism as she explores how Black women’s relationships with nature create spaces of liberation and self-determination, while producing ecological well-being. By analyzing the climate crisis as a narrative issue requiring a paradigm shift, Hill’s study of the literary, activist, and agricultural work of Black women imagines other ways of interacting with/being in ecology that listens to, protects, and empowers marginalized populations as well as our vulnerable ecosystems. 

Combined Ph.D. with English Language & Literature