Joshua Aiken

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19th and 20th Century U.S. History, Race and Migration in the Americas, Mass Criminalization, U.S. Empire, Black Feminist Thought, Black Poetics, Black Marxism and Queer of Color Critiques
B.A., American Cultural Studies and Political Science, summa cum laude (Washington University in St. Louis), 2014; M.St. in U.S. History with honors (University of Oxford), 2015; M.Sc. in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (University of Oxford), 2016
Joshua Aiken is a J.D./Ph.D. student in History and African-American Studies. His research broadly focuses on the relationship between race, displacement, and state-sanctioned violence in the 19th and 20th centuries, as configured by and through criminal legal and migration regimes. His work has focused both on race and gun laws in the longue duree of U.S. history–using the framework of self-defense as a way of thinking about black subjectivization and subjugation–and U.S. imperial formations as they relate to extra-territorial migration policies since the 1980s, namely American sponsorship of Mexico’s Plan Frontera Sur and other attempts to surveil and manage the movement of Central American refugees. Joshua is the former Policy Fellow at the Prison Policy Initiative and is also a poet.
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