Sophia Lindner

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Race and racial ideology, culture and media, mechanisms of racial stratification

 Sophia Lindner is a doctoral student in the Sociology and African American Studies departments and a Dean’s Emerging Scholar at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Yale. Her research generally focuses on relationships between racial dynamics, cultural narrative, and national belonging, with attention to African diasporic populations and their navigation of these relationships. She is particularly interested in the ways racial dynamics shape dominant narratives of collectivity in cultural and national arenas and the ways those narratives are resisted.

Her B.A. thesis examined racial stratification in Cuba’s private tourism economy and experiences of Black homestay hosts in Havana. She is currently working on two projects: one recovering a socioracial approach to cultural economic sociology with a theoretical focus, and one employing critical race perspectives on the nonpartisan mechanisms driving conservative backlash in education, particularly amid the “anti-CRT” movements beginning in 2020. She is currently interested in examining how Black youth resist the erasure of their social, economic, and educational experiences and needs within national and institutional projections of childhood.

Combined Ph.D. with Sociology