General Requirements of the Major*

The major in African American Studies requires twelve terms of course work including a year-long history sequence (African American Studies 160a, 162b), one course in literature relevant to African American Studies, one course in the social sciences relevant to African American Studies (e.g., African American Studies 250, 282, 317, or 414), the junior seminar (African American Studies 410a), the senior colloquium (African American Studies 480a), and the senior essay (African American Studies 491a and b). All courses should be taught by African American Studies faculty members.  These courses examine ideas and problems that may originate in many fields but that have a common concern - the black experience.

The distribution of requirements is intended to provide students with a broad interdisciplinary learning experience. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the history sequence by the end of their sophomore year.



Number of Courses

Twelve term courses (including junior and senior requirements)

Required Courses of the Major

African American Studies History sequence: (AfAmSt 160a) The Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery;  and (AfAmST) 162b African American History from Emancipation to the Present

Junior requirement: (AfAmSt 410a) Interdisciplinary Approaches to African American Studies

Senior requirement: (AfAmSt 480a) Senior Colloquium and (AfAmSt 491a or b) The Senior Essay.

Distribution of Courses

At least five courses in area of concentration; one relevant humanities course and one relevant social science course, both approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Substitution Permitted

Relevant course with permission of Director of Undergraduate Studies.

* Official Yale College program information is found in the online version of the Yale College Programs of Study

Elizabeth Hinton
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Naomi McWilliams
Academic Support Assistant (Registrar)