Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards

African American Studies graduate students in their third, fourth and fifth years of study are eligible to apply for travel awards to help defray the costs of attending conferences to present papers.  

Eligible graduate students may apply for travel awards up to $300 once per fiscal year (July 1 through June 30).

How to Apply

Complete the Conference Travel Award Request Form and have it signed by your advisor and the AFAM Director of Graduate Studies.

Prior to your scheduled trip, submit your signed request form to Vanessa Epps in the African American Studies business office.

How to Request Conference Travel Reimbursements

Please submit your transportation or lodging receipts as soon as you book your accommodations, even if your accommodations are secured months in advance. 

Yale policy stipulates that receipts submitted 120 days after their purchase date may be taxed.

Submit your receipts promptly in order to avoid tax deductions to your reimbursement.

Include the following documentation with your reimbursement request:
(a)    A copy of the conference program listing your name
(b)    A copy of the email inviting you to speak
(c)    All original receipts

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies or Vanessa Epps for assistance.

Erica Edwards
Director of Graduate Studies

Naomi McWilliams
Academic Support Assistant (Registrar)

Graduate Student Liaisons
Speak with a student about the program
Kristine Guillaume   Jorge Banuelos