Current Graduate Students

Joshua Aiken's picture Joshua Aiken
19th and 20th Century U.S. History, Race and Migration in the Americas, Mass Criminalization, U.S. Empire, Black Feminist Thought, Black Poetics, Black Marxism and Queer of Color Critiques
Stephane Andrade's picture Stephane Andrade
Ethnography; Urban & Community Sociology; Race & Ethnicity; Poverty; Inequality; Neighborhoods; Personal Networks; Qualitative Methods
Kaelyn Apple's picture Kaelyn Apple
Body Politics, Racial Injustice, and Legal History
Hamzah Baig's picture Hamzah Baig
Middle East and North Africa
Andie Berry's picture Andie Berry
20th/21st century African American dramatic literature, theater history; performance studies; speculation and the speculative; trauma studies. 
Candace Borders's picture Candace Borders
Black Studies, Black Feminist Theory, 20th-century African American women’s history, oral history, public humanities
Da'Von Boyd's picture Da'Von Boyd
African American Political Theory, Black Feminist Theory, Black Relision in Social Movements
Bianca Dang's picture Bianca Dang
Haitian Studies, 19th-Century African American History, Caribbean History, African Diaspora Studies, Black Feminist Thought, Gender Studies, Migration Studies
Ambre Dromgoole's picture Ambre Dromgoole
20th/21st Century Music and Performance; Holiness/Pentecostal Traditions; Women and Gender; Popular Culture; Voice Studies; Sonic Spirituality.
Anna Duensing's picture Anna Duensing
20th Century United States History; African American History Since 1865; Modern German History; the US Military and American Empire; Public Humanities; Comparative Race and Diaspora; Studies; Immigration; Popular Culture and Mass Media
Alex Fialho's picture Alex Fialho
Contemporary art, activist artistic response, HIV/AIDS scholarship, critical race studies, queer theory
Dustin Gavin's picture Dustin Gavin
American Religious History
William Glasspiegel's picture William Glasspiegel
Amanda Joyce Hall's picture Amanda Joyce Hall
20th Century U.S. social and political history; the Black Freedom Struggle; the Black Radical Tradition; Digital Humanities; international history; cultural and sports history; history of South Africa; decolonization; histories of diaspora, transnational movements, and world governance
Alycia Hall's picture Alycia Hall
Maroon Studies, Jamaican History, Caribbean History, 18th and 19th-Century African American History, African Diaspora Studies, Black Studies, Slavery and Emancipation
Clara Hawken's picture Clara Hawken
20th-Century Popular Music; Black Feminism; Racial Capitalism; Social/Economic Policy; Black Studies; Performance Studies; Labor Studies; Sound Studies
Josie Hodson's picture Josie Hodson
African Diasporic Art; Modern; Contemporary; African American Art
Isaac Jean-Francois's picture Isaac Jean-Francois
Black studies, Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Queer theory, and Sound Studies
Michelle Johnson's picture Michelle Johnson
20th Century United States social and political history; African American history since 1865; Black women's history; the Black Freedom Struggle; Freedom North studies; United States urban history
Kassidi Jones's picture Kassidi Jones
19th-Century African American Ecopoetics and Georgia Douglas Johnson.
Micah Jones's picture Micah Jones
Erich Kessel's picture Erich Kessel
Antiblackness; aesthetics; contemporary art and media; theories and histories of capitalism, labor and the commodity; psychoanalysis and affect theory; embodiment; philosophies of the subject. 
Micah Khater's picture Micah Khater
19th and 20th Century African American History; Southern History; Carceral Studies; Black Feminist Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Cultural History
Alison Kibbe's picture Alison Kibbe
Migration and Diaspora Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Caribbean and Latin American Studies, Black feminism, Ethnography and Oral History, Performance Studies, Body Studies, Transnationalism, Citizenship
Rachel Laryea's picture Rachel Laryea
Black capitalists in the trans-Atlantic financial industry
Jeong Yeon Lee's picture Jeong Yeon Lee
19th-Century American and African American Literature, Early American Literature, Christian Theology, Violence, Critical Race Studies, Black Studies
Demar F. Lewis IV's picture Demar F. Lewis IV
Prisoner Reentry; Inequality; Racial Politics; Urban Sociology; Sociology of Law
Sophia Lindner's picture Sophia Lindner
Race and racial ideology, culture and media, mechanisms of racial stratification
Faith Macharia's picture Faith Macharia
transnational migrations; Africans in Europe, specifically Spain and Italy; ethnographic methods; citizenship and identity.
Shayne McGregor's picture Shayne McGregor
20th-/21st-Century American Literature; Black Literary History; Afrofuturism
Nathalie Miraval's picture Nathalie Miraval
Jessie Modi's picture Jessie Modi
20/21st Century, Poetry & Poetics, Critical Race Studies, History of the Book, Marxism, Postcolonial Studies
Jeania Ree Moore's picture Jeania Ree Moore
Theology; religious studies; African American/Africana studies; aesthetics; animals; ethics
Maryam Parhizkar's picture Maryam Parhizkar
Black studies, relational ethnic studies, performance studies, poetics, histories and theories of modernism and modernity
Olivia Polk's picture Olivia Polk
Black feminist theory, queer theory, 19th and 20th century African American literature, black visual culture, gender and sexuality studies, performance studies, affect and materiality, faggotry, femmes, sexual subcultures
Katherine Ponds's picture Katherine Ponds
Performance Studies; American Studies; Classical Reception Studies; African-American Literature
Yasmina Price's picture Yasmina Price
Afro-Diasporic Cinema, affect and flesh, Black Marxism, anti-colonialism
Jocelyn Proietti's picture Jocelyn Proietti
Visual art, literature, cultural history, and black feminist performances of self
Gwen Prowse's picture Gwen Prowse
Black politics; federalism; policing; urban politics; participatory methods
Teanu Reid's picture Teanu Reid
17th and 18th-Century African American History, Caribbean History, African Diaspora Studies, Black Studies, Economic History
Jas Riley's picture Jas Riley
Performance Studies, Queer Studies, Trans Studies, and Religious Studies. 
Maurice Rippel's picture Maurice Rippel
Race, Gender; African Diaspora; Citizenship; Education; Multimodal Ethnography
jub Sankofa's picture jub Sankofa
African American Studies, Late 19th and 20th century Black Women's History, The Black West, U.S. Carceral Regimes, 20th Century Policing, Juvenile Justice, Prison Organizing, Reentry, Confinement Literature, Social Movements, Public Humanities, i.e.. Family and Community Memory, Digital Humanities,
Ben Slightom's picture Ben Slightom
Political Anthropology, Afro-pessimism, Post-Industrial Landscapes, Urban Dispossession, and the Racialized Production of the Underclass
Cera Smith's picture Cera Smith
20th-/21st-Century U.S. Ethnic Literatures (especially African American, Black diasporic, Chicanx, and Latinx), Radical Protest Literatures of the U.S., Critical Race Theories, Coloniality/Decoloniality, Black Studies, Body Studies
Alexandra Thomas's picture Alexandra Thomas
Contemporary art and performance of Africa and the African diaspora, photography and new media, Black feminist thought, and queer theory
Babette Thomas's picture Babette Thomas
An artist, radio producer and doctoral student in the departments of American and African-American Studies
Teona Williams's picture Teona Williams
U.S environmental history, political ecology, race and ethnic studies, environmental justice, digital humanities, and African American history
Connor Williams's picture Connor Williams
Nala Williams's picture Nala Williams
Black feminist theory, Black feminist geographies, Black studies, critical race theory, alter/native anthropology

Daphne Brooks
Director of Graduate Studies

Jodie Stewart-Moore
Academic Support Assistant (Registrar)

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