Student Works-in-Progress

“The Lower Frequencies” Podcast

Nicholas Forster
Creator and Host
PhD Candidate in Film & Media Studies and African American Studies

“A History of African American Studies at Yale University” Episode #5 
Guests: Professors  Hazel Carby, Gerald Jaynes and Robert Stepto
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“Odd Volumes: Book Art from the Allan Chasanoff Collection”

Ashley James
PhD Candidate in English and African American Studies

  “Odd Volumes” Art Exhibit co-curator Ashley James



Wills Glasspiegel
PhD Candidate in American Studies and African American Studies
Documentary Film, Animation and Public Radio by Wills Glasspiegel


“Icy Lake” Documentary                     “Footwork”                     Babu Witchcraft & Pop Music

Erica Edwards
Director of Graduate Studies

Naomi McWilliams
Academic Support Assistant (Registrar)

Graduate Student Liaisons
Speak with a student about the program
Kristine Guillaume   Jorge Banuelos