Requirements for Transfer into the African American Studies Combined Ph.D. Program

  1. Students applying for transfer into the combined Ph.D. program must already have taken AFAM 505 or be taking it in the term of application; must provide a plan outlining the AFAM courses already taken and those they will take; and must submit a research statement that explains how the combined Ph.D. will advance their research interests.
  2. Students must provide two letters of recommendation: one from their adviser in the joint department or program, unless that adviser is jointly appointed with African American Studies, in which case a letter from the student’s DGS in the joint department or program is required; and a second letter from a faculty member in African American Studies who commits to being the student’s adviser throughout the completion of the dissertation.
  3. Students cannot apply sooner than the second term of the first year and must apply by January 3, which is the deadline for African American Studies’ annual admissions cycle. Preference will be given to students in the second year of their Ph.D. program. Applications will receive a faculty vote early in the spring term to approve or reject, and results will be communicated to the student no later than spring break.

Daphne Brooks
Director of Graduate Studies

Jodie Stewart-Moore
Academic Support Assistant (Registrar)

Graduate Student Liaisons
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Candace Borders