Graduate Students

Research Interests
Phoenix Alexander's picture Phoenix Alexander
US Antebellum Literature, 20th-21st Century African American Literature, Black Feminist Studies, Queer of Color critique, Queer theory, Histories of Science and Medicine, Afrofuturism, Science Fiction, Archival Theory
Ambre Dromgoole's picture Ambre Dromgoole
20th/21st Century Music and Performance; Holiness/Pentecostal Traditions; Women and Gender; Popular Culture; Voice Studies; Sonic Spirituality.
Anna Duensing's picture Anna Duensing
20th Century United States History; African American History Since 1865; Modern German History; the US Military and American Empire; Public Humanities; Comparative Race and Diaspora; Studies; Immigration; Popular Culture and Mass Media
Nicholas Forster's picture Nicholas Forster
the work of Nicholas Ray, the films of the Black Power era, the African American novel in the middle of the 20th century, sound recording technologies, and hip-hop
William Glasspiegel's picture William Glasspiegel
Fadila Habchi's picture Fadila Habchi
Treatment of history in African American novels and francophone literature as well as questions of race, gender and class
Micah Khater's picture Micah Khater
19th and 20th Century African American History; Carceral State Studies; Black Feminist Theory; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Cultural and Social History
Alison Kibbe's picture Alison Kibbe
Migration and Diaspora Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Caribbean and Latin American Studies, Black feminism, Ethnography and Oral History, Performance Studies, Body Studies, Transnationalism, Citizenship
Kiersten King's picture Kiersten King
19th-century American and African American Literature, Black Studies, Performance Studies, Affect and Materiality
Jeong Yeon Lee's picture Jeong Yeon Lee
19th-Century American and African American Literature, Early American Literature, Christian Theology, Violence, Critical Race Studies, Black Studies
Key Jo Lee's picture Key Jo Lee
Demar F. Lewis IV's picture Demar F. Lewis IV
Prisoner Reentry; Inequality; Racial Politics; Urban Sociology; Sociology of Law
Shayne McGregor's picture Shayne McGregor
20th-/21st-Century American Literature; Black Literary History; Afrofuturism
Philip V. McHarris's picture Philip V. McHarris
Race, punishment, and policing, drawing on qualitative and quantitative methods
Camille Owens's picture Camille Owens
History of childhood; critical race studies; black feminist thought; disability studies; theater and performance studies; history of science; cultural history; critiques of humanism; 19th- and 20th- century U.S. history
Maryam Parhizkar's picture Maryam Parhizkar
Aesthetics; Poetics; Race & Ethnicity; 20th/21st Century Performance & Literature; Social Practice; Theories of History & Modernity
Lauren Pearlman's picture Lauren Pearlman
Danya Pilgrim's picture Danya Pilgrim
African American history; U. S. social and cultural history; Gender; Domestic arts and foodways; Material culture; Public history and digital humanities
Gwen Prowse's picture Gwen Prowse
Black Politics; Federalism and Urban Politics; Criminal Justice; Housing; Methodology
Claire Schwartz's picture Claire Schwartz
African American Poetry, Art and Architecture, Queer Studies
Cera Smith's picture Cera Smith
20th-/21st-Century U.S. Ethnic Literatures (especially African American, Black diasporic, Chicanx, and Latinx), Radical Protest Literatures of the U.S., Critical Race Theories, Coloniality/Decoloniality, Black Studies, Body Studies
Thuto Thipe's picture Thuto Thipe
19th and 20th century African History; Global Print Culture; Comparative Race Studies; Gender and Sexualities Studies
Alexandra Thomas's picture Alexandra Thomas
Contemporary art and performance of Africa and the African diaspora, photography and new media, Black feminist thought, and queer theory
Alexia Williams's picture Alexia Williams
Black transnationalism in 19th and 20th century African American migration narratives and travel literature
Nala Williams's picture Nala Williams
Black feminist theory, Black feminist geographies, Black studies, critical race theory, alter/native anthropology